Blockchain UNN Developer Bootcamp

Raising experienced Web2 and Web3 developers.

A 12-week bootcamp for intending Web2 and Web3 developers. Kicking off July 11th, 2023.

The bootcamp will consist of both a Web2 and Web3 stream. Both programs will run simultaneously, on the same day and time. The proposed date and time is 7:30-9:30 pm on Tuesdays and Sundays.

WEB2 STREAM: The Web2 stream is focused on persons new to programming or already existing Web2 devs looking to improve their skills. Since the goal is prepping the students for Web3 development, we’d mostly be looking into the front-end side of Web2 development (HTML5, CSS3, JS, React).

WEB3 STREAM: The Web3 stream is focused on already existing Web2 devs looking to delve into Web3 development. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, and React is compulsory! We’ll be focused on building smart contracts on Ethereum using Solidity.

Bootcamp Curriculum


  • Introduction to software development
  • Tools explanations, installation, and setup
  • HTML5
  • Introduction to terminal commands
  • Git and Github
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • React JS


  • Introduction to the Blockchain and the EVM
  • Blockchain Basics: Consensus, wallets, transactions, cryptography
  • Introduction to Remix IDE
  • Solidity Fundamentals: Deploying your first smart contract with Remix
  • Local development with Hardhat: Installation, setup, and tour
  • Writing and deploying smart contracts with hardhat
  • NFTS, IPFS: Deploy your own NFT to Ethereum
  • Chainlink oracle: Build a lottery smart contract
  • Building front-end clients with ethers.js
  • Writing tests for your contracts
  • Introduction to upgradeable contracts
  • Security